Backstory: Plugs

Obvioulsy not much from me on this blog recently, though wife Amy has been having a significant end of the year with her writing. Her first novel is out now:

You can order it at your local bookstore, search, or get it in print, Kindle, or audio at Amazon.

Also there’s a video of her full-length stageplay Metadata up on YouTube:

See more at her YouTube channel: Continuous Dream Theatre or hear more at her podcast page: Continuous Dream.

Backstory: Summer Vacation

Over the past year I have been both a teacher and a student, which left me with little time to do much with this blog. Now the school year is over and I have a classic “Summer Vacation” to get back to things such as posting here. I’ve got Gamera movies talk about, among other things.

One thing I have done recently is help with my wife Amy’s audio play podcast. We’ve just posted the newest episode of a short comedy miniseries called “The Gift of Prophecy.” You can have a listen at Continuous Dream.