Backstory: Summer Vacation

Over the past year I have been both a teacher and a student, which left me with little time to do much with this blog. Now the school year is over and I have a classic “Summer Vacation” to get back to things such as posting here. I’ve got Gamera movies talk about, among other things.

One thing I have done recently is help with my wife Amy’s audio play podcast. We’ve just posted the newest episode of a short comedy miniseries called “The Gift of Prophecy.” You can have a listen at Continuous Dream.

Backstory: A Quick Plug

My wife and I have a new episode of our “Behind the Scenes” podcast where we talk about our audio productions of her plays and comedy sketches. This time we discuss her play Poet and Warrior about the love story between William Butler Yeats and Maud Gonne. You can hear the episode at:

Poet and Warrior, along with our other productions are available at

For the holidays we’ve also put up Amy’s Notes on a Christmas Carol on YouTube: