Kells: The Gospel of Columba

This week my wife and I have finished the audiobook of her historical novel Kells: the Gospel of Columba. All 24 episodes are up at her podcast Continuous Dream.

It’s been a year of posting an episode every two weeks, so it’s been quite the project, with three narrators, music, and sound effects. I started doing audio drama back in the later 1980s, with reel-to-reel recorders and literally cutting and taping audio tape. Now it’s been a fun opportunity to learn about using Adobe Audition.

You can listen and learn more about the show at Continuous Dream or find us on Apple Podcasts or your favorite podcast player! RSS feed below:

Kells: Behind the Scenes: the Wrap Continuous Dream

In this episode we interview the author of Kells, Amy Crider, and discuss the recording of this audiobook and what’s coming up for the podcast. For more Behind the Scenes on Kells: The Gospel of Columba, please listen to our earlier interview with Amy at: You can also hear our past interviews with the audiobook’s performers in the podcast feed or at: Jeff Broitman Linsey Summers Baird Brutscher For more episodes please visit Our YouTube Channel is: You can support the program at: For more about Amy Crider and her writing see Please like and subscribe to Continuous Dream wherever you download and listen!
  1. Kells: Behind the Scenes: the Wrap
  2. Kells: Episode Twenty Four
  3. Kells: Episode Twenty Three
  4. Kells: Episode Twenty Two
  5. Kells: Episode Twenty One

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