Ultraman, Episode 04: “Five Seconds Before the Explosion”

My comments and observations from watching through this classic Japanese TV series.

The episode opens with something of misstep in worldbuilding. Six nuclear weapons have been lost due to an accident with the spacecraft taking them to Jupiter. Umm… It is easy to accept that the world of Ultraman, beset as it is with giant monsters, has developed advanced weapon technologies. But regular interplanetary travel..? That’s a bit much, and I’ll be surprised if that kind of space sci-if gets mentioned again as being within Earth’s technology.

One bomb exploded deep in the ocean, and four have been successfully recovered. The retrieval of a batch of lost atom bombs scattered over the world would make a great episode of Thunderbirds, so I’m going to pretend that it was International Rescue handling that. Unfortunately one bomb is still missing under the Pacific and the SSSP is called on to help find it.

Akiko won’t be along on this mission, since she’s got the day off! Even though we don’t see the home or personal life of these characters, there is now and then the reminder that being on the SSSP is, after all, a job. Unluckily for her, the place she’s chosen for her relaxing trip (along with Hoshino and a little girl they are pressured into looking after) is the landfall of this week’s giant monster. And it’s the familiar form of a Ragon, from the Ultra Q episode “The Undersea Humanoid Ragon.” The Ragon will continue to be reoccurring creatures throughout the Ultraman franchise. This Ragon though is not 2 meters tall, female, and searching for a lost egg. He is 50 meters tall, and not happy about being mutated by radiation. This missing atomic bomb is also stuck to his neck.

When we first see this Ragon it is a nighttime sequence where the creature rises from the ocean and sinks a large ship. It is moody, scary, and impressive. But when he comes ashore in the daytime, the bright green rubbery skin, vivid red lips, and prominent breathing holes for the suit actor are not well presented in brilliant sunlight. There are though several well done compositing shots with humans and monster appearing in the same shot.

The series’ monster of the week formula gets some complications since Ragon can’t be attacked directly, out of concern for setting off the bomb. Ide suggests luring the monster off with music (he must of have seen the Ultra Q episode) but that doesn’t work since the radiation also has mutated its musical tastes!

Hoshino-kun twice bravely puts himself in danger to save others, which gives one hope he won’t just be an incident-triggering pest for the whole of the series — though he does almost fall of a cliff here. Hayata ultimately arrives (delayed by having to a ferry) but Ultraman is hampered by both his Color Timer and that troublesome bomb. Ragon fortunately is no match form him and Ultraman manages to defeat him and take the bomb into space before both its, and his own, time run out.

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