Backstory: 12/27/2019

This is a new category of posts where I’ll talk a little about what’s going on with this site, mention some recommendations, etc.

I have just finished adding all the write-ups for Horror on the Orient Express, the big weird horror tabletop roleplaying game I’ve run the past few years. There’s an introduction to what it was all about, descriptions of what happened in each session, and some commentary I wrote on the process of developing and running the game.

I’m also going to continue adding to the Curious Recommendations page. Currently it lists some of my favorite podcasts. I’ve just added the YouTube channel Ask Lovecraft and Voluminous: The Letters of H. P. Lovecraft

My wife Amy has a Holiday Special episode of her podcast up, where she tells a monolog about why the 1951 movie version of The Christmas Carol is the best.

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