Curious Recommendations: Kells: The Gospel of Columba Audiobook.

This year on my wife Amy’s podcast Continuous Dream, we are doing an audiobook reading of her historical novel Kells: The Gospel of Columba. It’s the story of the creation of the great illuminated manuscript The Book of Kells, created by monks in 9th Century Scotland. We’re releasing a new episode every two weeks. You … Continue reading “Curious Recommendations: Kells: The Gospel of Columba Audiobook.”

The Return of Ultraman: Episodes 13-14

Some quick thoughts from watching through this Ultraman TV series from 1971. 13. Terror of the Tsunami Monster: Tokyo in Peril 14. Terror of the Two Giant Monsters: The Great Tokyo Tornado Two-part episodes allow some variation in how Ultraman episodes usually work, departures from their almost ritualized structure. They offer rising stakes from Ultraman … Continue reading “The Return of Ultraman: Episodes 13-14”