The Return of Ultraman: Episodes 13-14

Some quick thoughts from watching through this Ultraman TV series from 1971. 13. Terror of the Tsunami Monster: Tokyo in Peril 14. Terror of the Two Giant Monsters: The Great Tokyo Tornado Two-part episodes allow some variation in how Ultraman episodes usually work, departures from their almost ritualized structure. They offer rising stakes from Ultraman … Continue reading “The Return of Ultraman: Episodes 13-14”

Backstory: Plugs

Obvioulsy not much from me on this blog recently, though wife Amy has been having a significant end of the year with her writing. Her first novel is out now: You can order it at your local bookstore, search, or get it in print, Kindle, or audio at Amazon. Also there’s a video of … Continue reading “Backstory: Plugs”

All Dressed Up with Nowhere to Go, Godzilla 2000: Millennium.

Beginning my thoughts on the Millennium Series of Godzilla films. I’m not going to be summarizing the plots here. If you haven’t seen these films, check out a site such as Wikizilla for a story recap. You can assume Spoilers. 1995’s Godzilla vs Destroyah was the end of an era in the Godzilla film franchise. … Continue reading “All Dressed Up with Nowhere to Go, Godzilla 2000: Millennium.”

Curious Recommendation: Designing the Final Frontier

Someday I want to write about my history with Star Trek. For me the franchise is not so much about a fictional universe or a narrative experience, but an example of how media, particularly television, get created, designed, developed, and produced. For now I’ll just mention this fascinating book I happened to pick up while … Continue reading “Curious Recommendation: Designing the Final Frontier”