Curious YouTube

I’m experimenting with making YouTube versions of my blog posts, starting with my thoughts on Neo Ultra Q. Let me know what you think!

Neo Ultra Q: Introduction

When I started watching Neo Ultra Q I didn’t plan to do episode-by-episode commentaries. As I watched more and more of it I found a lot to examine and think about. So I’m writing my thoughts about each of the 12 stories that make up the series. I’ll be repurposing some comments, particularly in this … Continue reading “Neo Ultra Q: Introduction”

Backstory: A Quick Plug

My wife and I have a new episode of our “Behind the Scenes” podcast where we talk about our audio productions of her plays and comedy sketches. This time we discuss her play Poet and Warrior about the love story between William Butler Yeats and Maud Gonne. You can hear the episode at: Poet and … Continue reading “Backstory: A Quick Plug”

Ikarie XB 1

Some thoughts on this 1963 Czechoslovakian science fiction film, directed by Jindřich Polák. A new 4K restoration is currently (December 2020) available from various streaming services. Assume some general spoilers below… For a little historical context, 1963 was (besides the year I was born and of the Kennedy assassination) also the year Dr. Who premiered … Continue reading “Ikarie XB 1”

Godzilla vs Destroyah

Concluding my watch of the Heisei series (1984 – 1995) of Godzilla movies. The Godzilla movies of the 90’s were produced under the shadow of various attempts to get an American Godzilla into production. By 1995 that was finally achieved. Hopes were high and Toho decided to end their current Godzilla series with 1995’s Godzilla … Continue reading “Godzilla vs Destroyah”